Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas

The aim of conference is to create a forum in order to develop an exchange of experiences and provoke a discussion on the topics related to building of tunnels and underground infrastructure in the cities. The issues such as geotechnical tests and town planning could also be brought up in this forum. The discussion on various problems related to underground infrastructure such as tunnels (traffic and railway tunnels, and underground), water and sewage ducts, garages, and subways is anticipated. It is hoped that the possibilities of using an underground space associated with town planning and modernization of cities will be analysed as well. The important inspirations for the conference are starting the construction of the road tunnel on the way to Zakopane and studies on the design of tunnel in Świnoujście. The organizers wish to involve a wide body of people from different sectors. Scientists, investors, designers, contractors, and students have different point of view and thus possibly varying opinions. It is hoped that the analysis and the comparison of these different views will allow drawing a fruitful conclusions. The subject matter of conference is very crucial and up-to-date due to a current need for adjusting underground infrastructures to nowadays standards and requirements. The impact of these structures on the environment and the principles of sustainable development have to be considered nowadays.